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Starter Pack

Dhs. 150.00

If you are new to sports nutrition, or would just like to try STEALTH by Secret Training, then purchase our Starter pack. This package is designed to give you an introduction into our gels, bars, drink mixes and recovery products. So you can sample our products before deciding which are your favorite flavours.
This is what is  included:
  • One of each flavor of our pure isotonic gels. Our isotonic gels are easy on the stomach and do not need water to help with digestion. They contain multiple sources of carbohydrates.
  • Two real fruit gels: Banana and Mango & Passion Fruit which are made from real fruit!
  • One sachet of each of our Superhydration drink mixes containing 2% carbohydrates and are rich in electrolytes for either before, during or after your workout
  • Two juice bars: one each of Apple and Blackcurrent and the Orange and Pineapple containing slow release carbohydrates ideal for training rides
  • A sachet of the banana whey protein recovery drink mix, perfect to replenish your muscles after a hard workout.
  • A 600ml bottle


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Customer Reviews

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Great Products, easy ordering and speedy delivery

I tried these products and loved them, drinks and gels. Immediately reordered for all long training rides and runs. From my experience I highly recommend

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Starter Pack

The gels are perfect during a long run, a great boost (especially in the heat) and very easy on the the tummy without a nasty aftertaste. The recovery whey protein is great, either on its own or mixed with oats and fruit. Definitely will be ordering more! Loved the hand written note, a really nice personal touch, always a sign of great customer service!



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