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Effective hydration

Whilst people seldom loose more than 2% body weight through dehydration in a typical gym workout, researchers from the University of Bath in the UK showed that 37% of gym goers arrived at training in a dehydrated state.  Those who arrived in a dehydrated state experienced more fatigue and negative psychological changes after the workout.  Consuming 400ml of super hydration or training mix prior to a workout will ensure that you get the most beneficial effects from your workout.

Typical hydration losses in a gym workout 700-800ml.  Women have a tendency to overestimate hydration requirements.

Water alone is insufficient to rehydrate after exercise; without sodium it tends to just increase urine volume.  Superhydration or training mix after exercise is a great way to rehydrate or to get the best from your training use a protein recovery drink with sufficient sodium and potassium (like Secret training whey protein recovery) to get the most from your training

- Tim Lawson 

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