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Matt Trautman takes course record at Challenge Almere, Amsterdam

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The South African athlete Matt Trautman won the iconic Almere-Amsterdam Challenge 2019 (full distance) in a new record time of 7:50:15. At Secret Training we are super proud to have him as an ambassador! Congratulations Matt!!


Matt has been training and racing with Secret Training for a year now and has kindly shared his nutrition plan for the Challenge Almere race:


Day Before

Breakfast: oats and couple of boiled eggs.

Lunch: Ham and Cheese wholemeal Rolls.

PM: Chicken and Rice.

Race Day

Early Bfast: oats and whole meal bread with almond butter and jam.

Pre Race: hydration and carbohydrates with Stealth Training Mix and Stealth Isotonic Gel pre swim.

Bike: 4 Stealth Isotonic Gels (total of 88g of carbs) and 3 bottles of Stealth Big Energy Mix (total of 1750ml and 329g of carbs), which gave him approximately 100g of carbs per hour on the bike.

Run: 3 Gels per hour (mix of Stealth and what was available on course), on course hydration and Red bull (total of approx 60-70g of carbs per hour on the run).


Do not be fooled by the ‘just 4 gels on the bike’, the 'Stealth Big Energy Mix' has 94g of carbs per 500ml bottle!! A very efficient way of carrying a large amount of carbs with you.

Chances are that your race will take longer than Matt’s 7:50 hours! For every hour you race longer you will need an extra 60-90g of carbohydrates! Take note that Redbull contains caffeine; caffeine should be kept for the last two hours or so of your race.

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