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IM Race Report 70.3

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I'd never been to Bahrain so no better reason than to do an IM 70.3 for my first visit!!

I went into this race with better health than I’d gone into the World Champs in Nice in September so was keen to see what this course was all about. Beautiful setting, calm flat swim, flat fast bike finishing with a flat hot run course.


The swim went ok. I just wanted to make sure I didn't overcook it in the water and find a rhythm. No major dramas and came out of the water 9th in my AG with a time of 32 minutes. I always feel there’s room for improvement here. 

Into transition for the usual wetsuit wrestle and then onto the bike course. Fast (3.5km short of the 90km), flat and not too much wind. I finished the bike in 2:19, 5th in my AG.

Then onto the run, my ‘favourite’ bit! The course was 3 laps. It was great to be sharing the course with the likes of Mo Farah who was doing the relay and seemed to float effortlessly past at a crazy speed! I pushed as hard as I could, it always hurts like hell but is massively helped by great supporters and seeing so many familiar faces from Dubai tapping it out as well along the way. We’re all in various levels of discomfort but stay determined until the end!

I’d emptied the tank and managed to finish with a run split of 1:39, 1st in AG. I’d hoped for quicker time but did what I could on the day. Always delighted to see that finish line. As I recovered I found out that I’d finished 3rd in my AG overall (with a time of 4:39) which ultimately got me a qualification slot for the World Championships 2020 in Taupo, New Zealand. There were some great results all round from the Dubai team, well done to all.

A great race to round off 2019. 4 x IM 70.3 completed in the year as well and other shorter races. All very different and challenging in their own ways but so glad I’ve had a crack at them. Let’s see what 2020 brings.




Race nutrition:

Pre Race:

Oats and honey

Pre Swim:

1 x 500ml Watermelon Training Mix
1 x Secret Training Energy Gel


1 x 800ml bottle Big Energy
1 x 500ml bottle Big Energy
1 x 500ml on course water

1 x Real fruit Energy Gel
1 x Berry Energy with caffeine Gel


On course water and Coke at aid stations

Use my code of CM15 to get a discount of the Secret Training/Stealth products

- Clare McCulloch

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