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2nd at 70.3 South Africa - 3hr54min

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I’ve kept to the same nutrition strategy now for my last few 70.3 races and it seems to be working great with no stomach distress and good energy levels. That is as long as your pacing is good and the fitness levels are there. The last two points might have been lacking a bit for this early season hit out in East London.



Nice and early and not too big. Chicken and Rice.
STEALTH Night time protein 1hr before bed.


3hrs before start. Rice Cereal with 2 scoops of STEALTH Vegan protein (mint chocolate) makes it taste like pudding - 300kcal
15min before start - STEALTH Isotonic Energy Gel


2 x 600ml bottle with STEALTH Energy Mix - 300kcal
6 x STEALTH Isotonic Energy Gel in aero bottle - 520kcal.
Take water on course as needed


3 x STEALTH Energy Gel and on course hydration as needed. 2nd at 70.3 South Africa - 3hr54min

Matt Trautman 


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